Guest Blog: Jenny Allen, Co-Operative Member Pioneer

It’s more important than ever to connect as a community and in my role as Member Pioneer for Milnrow I want to reach out to individuals, community groups and organisations.

Before coronavirus measures were put in place I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible individuals and community groups, all doing unique and important work. I hope to connect with more people in the coming weeks and months so that we can continue to grow the Member Pioneer network to see how The Co-operative can support you and your community in Milnrow.

Right now that support is about how we can work together during challenging times but times that are also showing great positives in how people respond and support one another.

The Co-operatives priority is to keep people safe and in my role as Member Pioneer I have been instructed to work from home, staying at home is imperative to helping those in our NHS.

I don’t have a straight forward off the shelf ‘offer,’ but I do have four hours a week, tools, resources and support form The Co-operative and an offer to connect to see if, in my role as Member Pioneer I can help you, your group, school or business. Please do reach out and I will do my very best to support you.

I would love to hear about what you’re doing – any creative and inspiring responses or uplifting ways that you or others are supporting your local community and individuals. We are all playing an important role and hopefully we will come out of this with stronger more connected communities.

Have a look at our cooperate platform for ideas of how you can support your local community or see how the community can support you.

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