The Co-op Local Community Fund supports projects across the UK that our members care about. Every time our members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, The Co-op give’s these local causes a helping hand.

Meet our Local Causes

This year The Co-operative, Milnrow have welcomed three more local causes who will get financial support via the community fund.

Belfield Art Group

Following a year of impact in 2020 Belfield Art Group (BAG) have once again been selected as a Co-op local cause. Their flexibility and resilience in response to the pandemic has meant that BAG have continued to help individuals to learn, connect and look after their wellbeing through art.

BAG’s aim is to make art accessible to all, regardless of ability and experience, by providing a safe place to paint.

Neil from Belfield Art Group says ‘we provide art education to the people of Belfield and surrounding area, but even more importantly in these times we are now providing vital contact through zoom to many people who would not speak or see another human being for many days. With the money received this year from The Co-op we are pleased to say that the group have been able to invested in new technology to allow us to continue our sessions online.’

Rochdale Connections Trust

Rochdale connections trust works with marginalised and vulnerable children, young people and their families living in greatest need across Rochdale; particularly those adversely affected by domestic violence and abuse. Their vision is that by providing support to family members when they need it most, they will help build resilience and make a lasting impact on the life chances of local residents.

Rochdale Connections Trust will use The Co-op funding to provide listening and counselling sessions for young people living in the Milnrow and Newhey area whose mental health has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

They will assign listeners and counsellors from their Charity to work in collaboration with the local secondary and primary schools to identify children and young people in need of additional support to positively impact their mental health following the lockdown.

Milnrow and Newhey Resident Watch

Milnrow and Newhey Resident watch want to create a safe community and provide a place where people can turn to for help and support. The group works hard to keep an eye on the Milnrow area, talking to people and developing strong community relationships. Over the last year they have evolved to help adults, senior citizens & children in different ways during the pandemic.

Milnrow and Newhey Resident Watch will use The Co-op funding to hold the first of an annual community event that promotes safety, security and neighbourliness. This event will aim to represent the Milnrow community and all the different activity, support and opportunities that are available to its residents, from personal wellbeing to skill development and other resources.


Help to Support our Milnrow Local Causes

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