Neil from Belfield Art Group (BAG) is passionate about painting and enabling others to ‘give it a go.’

During times of isolation, Belfield Art Group have been unable to meet, but their passion for art as a means to support connections, wellbeing, and enjoyment has not stopped.

So doing what he does best and thinking creatively, Neil taught Jenny (Member Pioneer at The Co-op, Milnrow) how to paint a sunset. Then, working with The Co-op, BAG have created this toolkit so you too can learn how to paint a sunset.

Jenny Allen Member Pioneer said: “Before we started painting, I told Neil it was very unlikely I could do anything that resembled what he showed me. I couldn’t believe the results and have had three attempts since and each time it’s looking a little better – I now believe I can paint, with a bit of practice and good guidance all thanks to BAG”

We hope you enjoy painting with us, and if you do have a go please email your images to to be added to our online Milnrow Art Gallery.




How to paint a sunset

Here are our short films to help you to paint your own sunset. Please don’t feel you need all the equipment, When Jenny first tried she had children’s’ paintbrushes and standard a4 paper – the effect was still clear.

Before you start, watch:

ToolBAG: Making washes

This short film will help you to prepare your paint.

ToolBAG: Creating a border

This short film will help you to set up your paper and create a border (this is optional).

How to paint a sunset

This film is 20 mins and will guide you step-by-step, through the process of painting your own sunset.

For additional information Neil has produced a handy step-by-step guide here

HINT: Set up your station before watching the film, have a look at the PDF guide or pause the video at the beginning to find out what you will need.

Perhaps watch the film once first before painting along with Neil and Jenny. You will need to use the pause button as you go.

Don’t forget everyone is an artist and it’s all about fun – enjoy!