So throughout the month of June I have set myself the challenge of running 100km. Equivalent to a 10km race each three days, or 25km per week, it’s certainly going to be a challenge for me. 

During the period of lockdown I have enjoyed running more than ever before. The novelty of being able to get out of the house (whilst social distancing of course), the incredible weather we have been getting in the UK, and the need to keep fit when doing very little else have all played their part. However, I have only been averaging around 50-60km per month whilst really pushing myself, so the step up to 100km is going to be a huge challenge.

I am doing this to continue raising funds for my nephew to get an off-road wheelchair so that he can join in with family walks and explore the countryside that we all take for granted. Charlie has cerebral palsy meaning that he is a full-time wheelchair user, and often misses out on the outdoor activities that we take part in as a family. If you have time, you can read about their story here:

By getting this off-road wheelchair, it would give Charlie the freedom he so deserves. The amount we have to raise is £15,000, although we have already raised an incredible £10,000. If you could donate anything at all, it would be hugely appreciated and go to an amazing cause:

And if you see me around Milnrow, give me a wave and help me keep motivated as I progress through the month!