Welcome to Milnrow & Newhey, a new website built by myself, Ryan Maley, in order to promote local businesses and encourage people who live in the area to shop local and contribute to the place we all call home. My ultimate aim is to also cover local events and news, acting as a hub for all information relevant for residents.  

I came up with the idea after working with a number of local businesses and found a real need for small local businesses to have some form of digital presence, without spending thousands of pounds that this can often cost. Now more than ever businesses should have an online presence, and so I wanted to create an easy and free way that those in my local area can achieve this. 

In my day to day life I work in digital marketing and own Bee Marketing, a small web design and digital marketing business focusing on the local area. I have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of fantastic businesses that are based in Milnrow and Newhey, and I truly believe that these deserve to be shouted about. However, there’s a gap between the people who want to shop local, as I believe the majority of the community does, and easy information to be found on the range of businesses that are out there. 

I want this website to be a source of information in the community, and am completely open to suggestions on how it could work better. If you have any comments on the site, want to contribute a piece of news or blog, or want to submit an event or just say hi, you can contact me on info@milnrowandnewhey.co.uk. Additionally, if I can help support your business in building an online presence, get in touch here